Motorist and cyclist aggression on the rise

Aggression from both motorists and cyclists is potentially putting lives on Britain’s roads at risk, according to research conducted by the UK’s leading road safety charity, IAM RoadSmart.

The charity’s annual Driving Safety Culture Report, which surveyed 2,010 UK motorists on driving safety attitudes and behaviour, discovered that 65% of respondents believe that aggressive cyclists are a threat to their personal safety, while 78% considered people driving a motor vehicle aggressively as a threat to personal safety.

The issue of aggressive driving is also reflected in The Department for Transport’s (DfT) latest road collision statistics, which revealed that of the 1,339 killed on Britain’s roads in 2021, 108 involved aggressive driving as a contributory factor.

Neil Greig, director of policy and research at IAM RoadSmart, said: “The government has introduced a range of laws in recent years in an effort to fix the daily conflicts we see between motorists and cyclists. However, if our research is anything to go by, this has largely been to no avail –  with the majority of respondents still reporting aggression and conflict among road users.

“There is no quick-fix to this issue, but our research sheds light on the urgent need for the government to maintain its education campaigns on the new Highway Code, and continue to invest in safe road markings for more vulnerable road users to minimise the chance of conflict wherever possible. In the meantime, all road users, whether on two or four wheels, should exercise calmness and restraint to help us all use Britain’s roads safely.”