Most popular used parts revealed

In light of continuing supply chain challenges, a new study has identified the most popular used car parts for motor traders.

According to ChoiceQuote, wheels, lights and grilles were overwhelmingly the most popular parts searched for on eBay.

Mini Grilles were the most searched car part out of all parts on the used models, with an average search volume of 1,900 every month. With lights, tail-lights, headlights and fog lights all proving to be popular items on the eBay marketplace.

Mini and Ford were the most searched-for models for used tail-lights. But for headlights, Vauxhall Corsa and Ford Focus parts took the top spot. Light bulbs were the cheapest used car parts for VW Polo, BMW 3 Series and Vauxhall Corsa. Across all models, wheels were the most sought-after used car part for 77.7% of car models.

Meanwhile, the most sought-after parts for each of the most popular models were Ford Fiesta wheels, BMW 3 Series wheels, Audi A3 wheels, Mini grille, Ford Focus wheels and headlights, Vauxhall Corsa headlights, VW Golf wheels, and VW Polo headlights.

Derek Henry, managing director, said: “Motor traders are still looking to navigate the industry through more difficult economic times. Therefore using online marketplaces, like eBay, makes buying used car parts easier and faster. For motor traders, studying popular models and part prices on online marketplaces are a great indication of vehicles they might want to buy and sell.”