Morelli secures Kecotabs contract

Kecotabs has appointed Morelli Group as the UK distributor for its glue pull collison repair systems and associated products.

Keco offers a huge variety of tools as one of the largest Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) tool manufacturers in the world, while all Morelli PDR courses are trained using Keco PDR tools and the equipment needed to do perfect repairs.

Chris Sugden, Morelli Group equipment manager, said: “I am delighted to get this agreement over the line, I have been working with Kecotabs UK for some time as the product range is so complete and easy to use, with minimal training required to get an operative using the system. We are already taking orders and our customers are seeing the benefits of using the Kecotabs system. We will be installing a full system in our new training facility when it reopens at Eyebox in June for customer visits and training.”

Kevin Andrews, managing director at Keco UK, said: “I am very confident in the ability of our equipment to produce excellent results and we take our time appointing distribution in any region globally. I have been working with Chris and Morelli to ensure we are best placed to offer sales and customer training as required and are confident that Morelli can help us deliver this for us in the UK.”