Moped fraudsters seek capital gains

Crash-for-cash scam hits the capital

Drivers are being warned of a widespread network of crash for cash fraudsters on mopeds who are thought to have attempted £27m worth of bogus claims already.

A multi-agency investigation led by the Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB), City of London Police’s Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department (IFED), and several insurers, found an estimated 2,250 people in London were victims of crash for cash moped scams in the past two years.

Many of the suspected fraudsters are believed to be couriers delivering items such as take-aways and are predominantly targeting drivers in North London’s most affluent areas.

Ursula Jallow, Director at IFB, said: “Crash for cash moped scams have become epidemic in our capital. These dangerous fraudsters are driving head-first into unsuspecting motorists, leaving countless victims terrified and insurers facing millions of pounds in bogus claims. We’re collaborating closely with IFED and the insurance industry to bring every one of these reckless fraudsters to justice. We encourage all Londoners to watch out for the unique signs of crash for cash moped scams and to report any evidence to our online Cheatline or via 0800 422 0421.”

Detective Chief Inspector Tom Hill, at City of London Police’s IFED, said: “Crash for cash fraudsters have little regard for the lasting impact that their actions can have on victims, so it is concerning to see that over 2,200 people have been targeted by moped drivers in just two years.

“We urge road users to learn the tell-tale signs that can precede these collisions, as knowing them can help protect you from falling victim. If you suspect you have been targeted, report it to Cheatline.”