LKQ Euro Car Parts reports online ordering surge

Automotive parts supplier LKQ Euro Car Parts has reported a 40% increase in online sales in the past 12 months as more workshops switch to ordering parts digitally.

The company hit a quarter of a million online orders in August alone – with the growth in online sales partly attributed to the introduction of real-time order tracking, helping technicians to plan their days better.

Kevan Wooden, chief commercial officer at LKQ Euro Car Parts, said: “We’ve made major investments in our online ordering process to create fantastic market leading last mile expediency.

“We’ve found that once garages make the move to online ordering, they continue to increase their usage, finding the process quicker and more convenient than ordering over the phone. They are also able to save time by easily actioning online returns and eliminating human error and the potential for misquoted part numbers – all while freeing up the phone lines for customers to use.

“As the aftermarket progresses with its digital transformation, I’m excited about the role we can play in helping thousands of garages and workshops deliver work more efficiently and build customer trust and loyalty. But it’s important not to forget that we’re still at the end of the phones when our customers need us, for a more complex order they want to discuss, or to talk about other services like training that will help prepare their businesses for the future.”

LKQ Euro Car Parts prioritises online orders and can deliver 85% within an hour to most places in the UK and Ireland.