Leasing can drive EV uptake

New research has found that three in four British motorists (74%) would send back a new car if they didn’t like it.

Mobility provider SOGO researched attitudes towards owning a new car and found that three-quarters of motorists would have no reservations about sending back their new vehicle within the cooling-off period.

It found that 78% of men would return the car if it failed to meet their expectations compared with 69% of women.

The findings of the research also indicate that although almost nine in 10 (88%) of motorists feel that a test drive is beneficial when leasing or buying a new car, only a third actually arrange and take a test drive in reality.

A further eight in 10 (80%) of motorists stated they only got a true feel for a car by test-driving it.

SOGO believes short-term leasing will grow in popularity as a result, particularly as the car parc moves towards electrification.

Karl Howkins, managing director of SOGO, said: “Flexible leasing can help drivers appreciate their cars again. Whether it’s for just four weeks to six months or a year, a flexible car lease is a great way to try out new vehicles without the hassle of committing to a restrictive, lengthy lease. It’s the perfect opportunity to test a new electric car, try out all the gadgets and technology and drive a car that suits the individual lifestyle and motoring needs.

“The ability to use an EV for a month or two will overcome driver concerns and accelerate the adoption of this vitally important technology ahead of the ban on petrol and diesel vehicles in 2030.”