Kia tops list of used car searches

A recent study has revealed that the Kia Sportage is the UK’s most searched-for used car.

The study was conducted by car finance refund experts, which evaluated the number of yearly searches for 145 models of used cars across 29 brands.

It found that the Kia Sportage was searched for 33,970 each year. It was also the most Googled used car in 38 out of 58 UK cities analysed.
The Nissan Qashqai took second place with 29,230 searches while the Ford Fiesta recording around 28,380 searches each year.

Meanwhile, as of quarter four last year, the Fiesta was the UK’s most registered car on UK roads, according to data from the DVLA.

The BMW 1 Series was fourth, drawing in approximately 23,640 yearly searches, ahead of the Audi with around 22,870 yearly searches.