Kia to unveil new training academy

Kia UK will open a new cutting-edge training centre in Derby by the end of this year.

The Kia Academy will welcome the next generation of Kia apprenticeships and dealer training programmes.

The move to the new 40,000 sqft building is part of Kia’s plan to provide quality and pioneering technical training to the next generation of automotive professionals. Customised exclusively for Kia UK, it will facilitate advanced electrified training, STEM skills and upskill apprentice and adult learner technicians – up to 1,500 per annum.

It is expected to employ around 15-17 full-time staff. The site will incorporate a reception area and showroom, showcasing Kia’s Global Store Concept and new corporate identity, while eight classrooms will be equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology and the workshop will be equipped with the latest ramps, tooling equipment and resources to prepare apprentices and technicians for the challenges of tomorrow’s automotive landscape.

Paul Philpott, president and CEO of Kia UK, said: “We are thrilled to bring our new and enhanced Kia Academy to Derby. This move represents our commitment to supporting STEM education, driving electrification and helping our dealer partners build the workforce and skills they need for the future. Our investment in the new training Academy showcases our unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation and sustainability, while solidifying Kia’s position as a leader in electrification and the automotive industry.”