Industry backs IMI stance on MOT extensions

As part of its response to the Department for Transport’s MOT Consultation,

The Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) has revealed that nearly nine in 10 members believe extending the date of the first MOT or frequency of MOTs would increase road user risk.

Hayley Pells, policy manager at the IMI, said: “We received a resounding confirmation – 87% – from our members that the first MOT should not be extended due to increased road safety risk. And whilst only 51% of motorists we surveyed felt the same, we believe there is sufficient weight of evidence to give the Department for Transport a very clear indication that any change to the start date would be detrimental for all road users.”

The research of motorists found that 78% get their MOT and service done at the same time or that they like to if convenient. If the first MOT is extended by a year and the frequency of MOTs is also reduced, as proposed by the DfT Consultation, this could leave important maintenance issues unchecked. This is particularly a concern as 26% said they wait to be told by the garage that is conducting an MOT or Service if their tyres need changing.

The IMI member research also put a spotlight on the potential economic risks of a change to the MOT start date; 88% believe that extending the date of the first MOT will have an impact on garage income, with members who actually run MOTs from their business also being very concerned about the wider impact of a change. Six in 10 believe a potential fall in MOT business will negatively impact the volume of service work to their garage.

Pells said: “The IMI’s response to the MOT Consultation will strongly advise that increasing the time before a periodic inspection of cars is detrimental for road safety. It reduces the frequency of maintenance and inspections that are critical to ensuring that vehicles are in good condition and performing at their best.”