IGA calls for MVBEO clarification

The Independent Garage Association (IGA) is calling for clarification to the new UK Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Order (MVBEO) around customer rights.

It wants to ensure that consumers are given clear information on their freedom to choose who repairs their vehicles and are not financially disadvantaged by the new regulation.

Stuart James, IGA chief executive, said: “While the draft MVBEO legislation strengthens many areas of the existing MVBER, there are several areas which could be detrimental to consumers unless further clarifications are made.

“Of particular concern is the lack of requirement for in-vehicle messaging to inform customers that they have an alternative solution for servicing via an independent operator. We would also like to see a requirement for authorised repairers to make it clear to consumers that they can choose who services, maintains and repairs their vehicle without invalidating its warranty.

“In addition, the MVBEO makes no reference to a mechanism for independent operators to access security related information for repairs. Whilst we understand access to such sensitive information needs an element of control, it is vital that there is a recognised system in place for vetted businesses or individuals to provide these services to consumers to ensure fair competition and timely access to vehicle repairs.”