IAM RoadSmart launches new safety campaign

Road safety charity IAM RoadSmart is launching a campaign in alliance with organisations across the industry to make the roads safer for motorcyclists and ensure they are consistently recognised as vulnerable road users.

It is calling for a greater recognition of the benefits of motorcycles as a key step towards decarbonisation, further advancements in safety equipment, and more work in helping improve riding skills,

CEO at IAM RoadSmart Antony Kildare said: “In some respects, the outlook for motorcycling in the UK is a positive one. Industry growth is at eight per cent, and motorcycle use has increased by four per cent in recent years.

“Furthermore, three million people now hold a full motorcycle licence in the UK, with 1.4 million of them regularly taking to the road on two wheels. Of these riders, nearly two-thirds use motorcycles for commuting or other practical reasons, while the community of those who ride for pleasure is as strong and as passionate as ever.

“And yet, for all the positives of motorcycling, one tragic fact has remained a constant – injuries and deaths. Motorcycle riders account for 20% of all deaths on UK roads, and despite only representing three per cent of vehicle registrations, they are also sadly involved in 18% of all collisions, and account for 13% of all casualties.

“This rate of collisions, casualties and deaths, quite simply, needs to stop. Not only have too many lives been lost for too long, but the wide-ranging benefits of motorcycles – whether that be lower emissions, reduced congestion, or more economical costs, could soon be at risk if the importance of motorcyclists continues to go unrecognised.

“Determined to drive change, alongside our partner, the National Motorcyclists Council, I recently attended a ministerial meeting with the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Transport, Richard Holden MP, where Mr Holden acknowledged that there was ‘much that needed to be learnt about motorcycling’.

“I feel optimistic that change on the critical issue of motorcycle safety can finally be made.  This makes now the perfect time for IAM RoadSmart to announce that, in partnership with eminent motorcycle and transport industry bodies, we are calling on parliament to refocus on motorcyclist safety to prevent the disproportionate risks that riders face every day on our roads.”