History matters for used car buyers

Three quarters of motorists would only buy a used vehicle that has a full or nearly full service history.

New data by BookMyGarage has found that more than four-in-10 drivers (42%) would insist on a full service history, with not a single service missed, with 49% of those surveyed expecting a discount of between 10 and 30% on a used vehicle that lacks a full service history.

However, the study also reveals that less than half of motorists would consider servicing their car before selling. This compares to the 60% that would get their car MOT tested before selling.

Jessica Potts, chief marketing officer at BookMyGarage, said: “While the financial situation in the UK continues to impact millions, it’s understandable why many drivers may be tempted to not get their vehicle serviced. However, skimping on servicing is a false economy. The short-term monetary saving will be outweighed by the impact on the resale value of the vehicle, and it risks causing significant mechanical damage – especially to the engine – which will be far costlier to repair or even uneconomical.”