Grove Group enhances detailing range

Leading supplier of automotive refinishing products Grove Group has announced the expansion of its GTi product range with a brand-new line of detailing products.

The new line, which includes a variety of items such as cleaners, air fresheners, and waxes, has been developed with the latest technology to provide a clean, shine and protection to all types of vehicles paintwork.

One of the most innovative features of the new GTi detailing product line is its ability to effectively remove contaminants such as brake dust, tree sap, and bird droppings without scratching the paint or causing damage to the clear coat.

The line also includes a specially formulated wash and wax shampoo with polymer formula which leaves a layer of wax protection on the paint surface protecting the customer’s vehicle.

The GTi product line is now available at all 11 Grove Group locations as well as on the Grove app and our Groveshop website.