Gridserve accelerates EV charging development

EV services pioneer Gridserve has signed a long-term, multi-million pound partnership with Dootrix to provide cloud engineering services to deliver a seamless, stress-free, electric-vehicle driving experience.

Gridserve’s sun-to-wheel operations start with hybrid solar farms that promote biodiversity while generating power.

It has been working with Dootrix since 2019 and the next stage of the journey will provide the digital technology to support Gridserve’s nationwide rollout of charging points and provide a quality on-the-road experience for drivers.

First steps will focus on the driver interface before diversifying to offer a range of forecourt, vehicle and ancillary services.

Dootrix CEO Rob Borley said: “Gridserve has worked with a number of partners over the years and it’s a huge endorsement of Dootrix that they chose us to help realise their goals, We couldn’t be prouder to be working with one of the fastest growing, innovative, and passionate companies; one that’s set to transform the EV experience and help save the planet in the process.”

Meanwhile, Gridserve is working with Cornwall Services to deliver 12 state-of-the-art new chargers at the Electric Super Hub on the A30.