Government expected to delay 2030 petrol ban

The UK government is set to delay the 2030 ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars until 2035.

It is currently holding an inquiry into the viability of switching to EVs and has taken advice from industry bodies such as the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Trader, the National Franchised Dealers Association, the Petrol Retailers Association and the Institute of the Motor Industry.

It has now been reported that a decision to put back the proposed ban is due to be announced shortly.

Dylan Setterfield, head of forecast Strategy at cap hpi, said: “I’m not sure it makes any difference to anything. We always said that 2030 was a very ambitious target and required significant action and forward planning to make it happen. Although there has been significant progress in infrastructure development, we think we are behind the BEV penetration required to naturally reach 100% BEV being a reality by 2030 without huge intervention.

“Our assumption had been that the ICE ban would be extended to 2035 by the next UK government, regardless of which party or parties would be in power, with the new incumbents blaming the current administration for not making sufficient progress to meet the 2030 target. Even if the 2030 deadline remains unchanged for passenger cars, we could see changes to the timetable for LCV, or the majority of hybrid vehicles allowed until 2035.”