Gemini ARC announces JDK Technology partnership

Gemini Accident Repair Centres has partnered with JDK Technology for all its imaging needs throughout the lifetime of a customer claim.

Initial images of the vehicle enable each site to determine if the vehicle is repairable and then produce an estimate and secure all the parts necessary if it is.

Once the vehicle is onsite, the JDK Technology Workshop app captures images throughout the process while the vehicle is at the bodyshop to enhance the service provided to customers and safeguard all parties involved in the claim. All of the images are securely stored against the individual case within the secure JDK Technology portal and can be called back upon at any time in the future.

The solution was rolled out to all 31 sites during the final quarter of 2022 and all the relevant staff trained to use the software onsite.

Paul Smith, head of performance and operations at Gemini, said: “Partnering with JDK Technology has streamlined our imaging process across the entire footprint of a claim. The solution is quick, simple to use and has enabled us to standardise a fragmented process.

“JDK has supported the rollout across all of our sites and we are now realising the full benefits from a top, forward thinking solution.  We intend to collaborate with JDK further on more innovative solutions that will help our business.”

Layton Davies, managing director at JDK Technology, said: “Working closely with the Gemini team has helped us to refine our solutions and polish what we already had. We place the bodyshop at the forefront of our values and listen to what both our existing customers and new customers need and work in collaboration to create forward thinking products that really make a difference.”