Fleet managers name ‘analysis’ as key consideration

Industry research has found that fleet managers consider ‘analysis capability’ to be the most important factor when choosing a tachograph services provider.

Edge Insight asked 343 fleet managers a range of questions, similar to those posed in its 2022 survey, and found opinions to be consistent regarding the importance of accurate tachograph analysis.

In order of ranking, ‘analysis capability’ scored 32%, with ‘value for money’ and ‘ease of remote downloading’ registering equal importance at 17% and 18% respectively.

For specialist waste and recycling management operator, Enva England, these criteria were key considerations when selecting their tachograph software systems provider, TruTac.

John Stephenson, Enva England’s fleet manager, said: “We were using another fleet software system which wasn’t quite doing what we required, particularly with our FORS accreditation journey in mind, so I researched TruTac and found their system wasn’t anywhere near as demanding in terms of admin’. It ticks all our boxes and works fantastically for us.”

Enva now uses the full TruTac complement of fleet management and compliance software, comprising TruLicence, TruControl, TruChecks, TruFleet, and TruLinks.

Stephenson added, “One of the other things we like about TruTac’s systems is that they talk to one another. For example, any time a driver raises a defect via the TruChecks walkaround app, we can plan that into our workshop via the calendar on TruFleet, so everyone can see what’s going on.”