Fix Auto Harlow reaps investment rewards

Fix Auto Harlow has all but completed a major programme of investment, which has instantly reaped rewards with an immediate 40% increase in productivity.

Owners Tony Mann and Stuart Berryman expect further increases once their latest recruitment initiative is complete.

As part of their latest investment, the business secured a vacant 5,000 sqft unit sandwiched between their original and secondary buildings, instantly tripling their original bodyshop footprint.

The move also includes installing a secondary spraybooth, which has dramatically improved workflow.

Productivity has now increased to over 110 vehicles a month, with plans of surpassing 150 vehicles a month by the end of the year.

Mann said: “Continuing to expand and develop our company has always been part of our business plan. We now have the room and the processes in place which will enable us to further increase our team. Once that is complete, our goal is to repair up to 150 vehicle a month.”