Fix Auto Chelmsford accelerates relocation

Fix Auto Chelmsford has moved to a state-of-the-art new repair centre a month ahead of schedule.

The new 8,000 sqft site should increase capacity by 25% to about 150 jobs per month.

Despite working towards an original moving date set for the end of October, owner Danny Ashwell was forced to accelerate the move following a complication with his primary spraybooth.

He said: “With all the major amenities and facilities installed, all was going to plan and we’d set a moving in date for the end of October which would have given us plenty of time to complete every job that needed doing. We’re talking things like erecting secure fencing, laying out the car parking areas and of course, moving over vital equipment.

“But when our existing spraybooth went down, pushing the move through seemed the obvious solution to maintain our level of workload even though I knew we had a mountain to climb to get it all done. Fortunately, the team got right behind it and worked tirelessly to make it happen. I couldn’t be prouder.”

Ian Pugh, managing director for Fix Auto UK, said: “What Danny and his team are achieving is totally inspiring. He laid out some bold plans 18 months ago and you must applaud his determination to keep to his script. When faced with a daunting challenge to complete the work needed on his new site and then relocate the business within days rather than weeks is a mighty achievement and is a credit to all involved.”