Ezi-Methods celebrates four million downloads

Ezi-Methods has surpassed its four millionth repair method download, establishing its place as one of the UK’s leading provider of vehicle repair methods.

Ben Cardy, commercial director and Ezi-Methods co-founder said: “It seems like only yesterday that we formed the business and here we are, 12 months from our 10th anniversary, having surpassed our four millionth download. At this rate, 2024 will be a year of double celebrations for we are on course to hit the five millionth mark which is quite remarkable.

Ezi-Methods currently offers more than 74,000 repair methods spanning 61 makes of vehicles and 1,052 models encompassing 1,460 body styles – statistics which evolve and increase daily as the operation continually adds to its library.

Dave Beale, Managing Director at Wyndon, which made the four millionth download, said: “We turned to Ezi-Methods to provide us with repair methods shortly after the company was formed and haven’t looked back. As a repairer, you need utmost confidence in your supplier and Ezi-Methods never fails.

“We have evolved over the last several years and now hold a portfolio of 27 vehicle manufacturer approvals. We simply could not operate without Ezi-Methods’ vast library.”