Europcar announces new Zapmap partnership

Europcar Mobility Group UK has announced a partnership with Zapmap to provide rental customers with access to a nationwide network of public charging stations.

The partnership is part of the company’s strategy to help drivers transition to electric vehicles.

The first phase of this includes a digital showroom outlining the features and benefits of each electric vehicle in the Europcar fleet, while the Zapmap partnership offers access to more than 40,000 UK charge points.

Mark Newberry, Europcar Mobility Group UK commercial director and sustainability spokesperson, said: “Electric vehicle charging remains one of the main roadblocks to motorists hiring or buying an EV. Yet our own ‘lived’ experiences at Europcar suggest that this simply does not need to be a concern. However, we know that there needs to be a big leap from myth to reality and we want electric vehicle rental to help cross that chasm.

“Europcar is, therefore, making a significant investment in tools designed to take the anxiety away from the EV experience. This includes the creation of our new free to access EV Guide, as well as our new partnership with Zapmap – the first in the UK rental space.”

Harrison Brook, head of partnerships at Zapmap, added: “It has always been our aim to encourage greater uptake of electric vehicles by simplifying the EV charging experience. By introducing Zapmap’s digital mapping solution, Europcar have created what will be a seamless on-the-road experience for their customers across the country, many of whom will be first-time EV drivers.”