Europcar adds EV model to its fleet

Europcar has become the first rental company in the UK to add the ORA Funky Cat to its fleet.

The ORA Funky Cat is a compact electric car manufactured by Great Wall Motors (GWM), launched in the UK market earlier this year.

It is now available to hire from 108 locations across the Europcar network.

Europcar hopes this will support the switch to EVs after its own survey found that 71% of drivers have never driven an EV and only six per cent use one as their everyday vehicle.

Mark Newberry, Europcar Mobility Group UK commercial director and sustainability spokesperson, said: “Making the switch from petrol or diesel to an electric car can be daunting, with uncertainty around battery range and charging infrastructure.

“We want to help drivers feel more informed and able to make that switch, by enabling them to put the full ownership experience to the test and enable them to answer many of their questions. Our goal is to help motorists understand how EV ownership can fit their lifestyle ahead of making a long-term commitment.”

He continued: “With rental for a few days or week or more, drivers can get a true, real-world picture of electric driving. The ORA Funky Cat is an affordable option that is accessible to anyone considering switching to electric.”