DVSA updates Code of Practice

The Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has updated its ‘Code of Practice: Safety of Loads on Vehicles’.

The code of practice brings together all current load security guidance into one place. It gives vehicle operators, drivers, transport managers and those involved in the loading of vehicles all the information needed to ensure loads are transported safely and appropriately.

It confirms what must be done as a legal requirement and should be done as good practice and a recommended action.

Around eight per cent of all prohibitions issued at the roadside are due to insecure loads and the updated code of practice clearly sets out the responsibilities which operators and drivers have.

Marian Kitson, DVSA’s director of enforcement, said: “It’s vital for vehicle operators, drivers and anyone involved in the loading of a vehicle to ensure every vehicle load is secure. By doing so, they are protecting other road users and members of the public.

“I’m grateful to colleagues at the Health and Safety Executive and stakeholders across the industry for working with us to bring the existing information on load security together in one place. The code of practice offers clear guidance which will help industry to understand what action they need to take to comply.”

Nina Day, policy advisor at the HSE said: “Inadequate vehicle loading and poor load security puts people at risk both during the journey and in the workplace. HSE has worked closely with the DVSA to produce this new guidance, which gives businesses the information they need to work safely when transporting goods on the road.”