Durite to support National Lottery Week

Durite has announced it is supporting the annual RHA event – National Lorry Week.

Now in its ninth year, National Lorry Week features a four-week roadshow around the UK, examining and discussing diverse aspects of the transport industry. It celebrates sustainability while showcasing the latest advancements in eco-friendly vehicles, fuels and technology.

Durite, a leading brand in vehicle safety, lighting and auto-electrical parts, will be on hand at each briefing to assist and inform fleet operators regarding their latest vehicle safety solutions, including guidance regarding the regulations and equipment required to comply with the London DVS scheme.

The company said: “Road safety is not solely the responsibility of one individual road user but rather a collective effort on behalf of all vehicle operators and suppliers to the transport industry.

“The beauty of National Lorry Week is that it allows businesses like Durite to show support to the industry and its workers, whilst helping to promote and raise awareness of steps taken to make the road safer for everyone. Regardless of their connection to the industry, the greater part each participant plays in the campaign, the more awareness will be generated across the board.”