Drivers still unmoved by ADAS

ADAS technology can reduce car crashes by up to 24%, but motorists are still unconvinced by its benefits.

According to research carried out by fleet specialist Venson Automotive Solutions, nearly three quarters (73%) of drivers would use parking assistance if they had it, but many other ADAS features designed to reduce accidents are less popular.

It found that only 45% of drivers said they would use Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) if it was available on their vehicle and only 43% saw the benefit of Lane Keep Assist.

Meanwhile, just 44% of drivers questioned said they would use overtaking sensors if they had them.

Alison Bell, operations director for Venson, said: “Car technology is moving at pace, but our research suggests that drivers’ willingness to adopt it may not be keeping up. With semi-autonomous technology providing such clear safety advantages, it is vital that drivers feel comfortable using it. These results suggest that businesses should incorporate the benefits of and how to use ADAS into their regular driver training programme.”

She added: “The technology in the cars we drive is changing quickly. In theory, self-driving cars could be on UK roads by 2025 but it seems that many drivers still have a steep learning-curve to take with the current technology.  Helping drivers to understand ADAS will pave the way for adoption and acceptance of future technologies, all supporting the objective of reducing accidents on our roads.”