Drivers cut mileage to cut fuel costs

New research has revealed that of the 20 million drivers who regularly use their car for journeys of between one to two miles, some 6.9 million (34%) want to switch to other travel methods.

When asked about their travel over journeys of less than 1.5 miles, almost one in seven car owners (13%) said they want to cycle on more of these trips, while six per cent want to make more use of an electric bike.

The 6.9 million drivers who want to cut down on car use for short journeys will add to some 5.2 million drivers who have already done so over the last two years, accelerating the move towards active travel modes.

While the cost of fuel has been the biggest factor in making the shift, cited by two in five (39%), 30% of drivers switching from a car for short trips say they are doing so to improve their fitness, 26% say the environmental impact of a short car journey is the stimulus, while 17% say it’s because other travel modes are just as fast as taking the car.

To support this, Kwik Fit has launched a new partnership with bike repair network Fettle, with the first Fettle at Kwik Fit now operational at the Kwik Fit centre in Cheltenham.

Mark Slade, managing director of Kwik Fit, said: “This research shows that there are many reasons why drivers are looking for different modes of travel for short journeys. In addition, a growing number of our customers who operate vehicle fleets have been asking if we can support their expanding cargo bike operations, which are increasingly being used for short urban journeys.