Deadline approaches for MOT assessments

LKQ Euro Car Parts is urging MOT Testers to complete their annual assessments before the deadline at the end of March.

According to DVSA figures, more than 19,000 testers have still to complete the required training.

Bob Wiffen, workshop solutions director, said: “Last year, data from the DVSA showed more than 1,800 MOT testers failed to complete their CPD training and assessment ahead of 31 March.

“Even if you complete the new year’s training the day after the deadline, it can take months to get signed back on. That’s not good news, especially for workshops with just the one tester – who then face even their most loyal customers having to take their vehicles elsewhere.

“Our advice is to stay ahead of the game when the new CPD year starts on 1 April. Completing the MOT CPD early means you can improve your testing accuracy, reduce the risk of errors, and ensure the safety of the vehicles you test. The training is updated every year for good reason, and if you get ahead, you have the most to gain.

“In our experience, workshops with technicians that are committed to best practice and that proactively organise training, have happier customers, better reputations and can command higher labour rates as a result.”