Cost still main barrier to EV switch

More than six in 10 UK drivers say they won’t buy an electric vehicle because they are too expensive.

According to the National Franchised Dealers Association’s (NFDA) Consumer Attitude Survey 2023, 62% said price was the main barrier to switching to an EV. A lack of charging infrastructure was cited as an obstacle for 57% of respondents, while 54% had concerns over battery life in existing EV models.

The report also found that 55% of respondents over the age of 55 said they were not interested in ever buying an EV.

However, 42% of respondents said that lower running costs could be an incentive to swapping their petrol or diesel car.

Sue Robinson, CEO, NFDA, said: The Consumer Attitude Survey provides a unique insight into consumer behaviour and industry as the car evolves from internal combustion engine to the electric vehicle.

“NFDA’s members are at the coal face of this industry, working every day alongside consumers, hearing their concerns, and answering their questions. We would urge everyone to take note of apprehensions around the cost of living and understand the balance between price and environment when it comes to the EV transition. Going forward, NFDA will continue to commission the Consumer Attitude Survey every year to track changes in consumer attitudes, building a data set that will inform future decision making.”