Copart continues net zero investment

Vehicle salvage experts Copart has announced it has now invested over £80m into an ongoing replacement and expansion programme to support its Plan-Net-Zero commitment.

Significant investment has been made into Euro VI compliant DAF and Volvo multi-car transporters and JCB loaders that use the very latest technology and fuel methods to minimise environmental impact.  

Meanwhile, Copart has also deployed the latest connected telematics across its transporter fleet to enhance efficiency and significantly lower fuel consumption and emissions.  

The company has also recently fitted its entire fleet with a unique fuel pick-up system which ensures that only clean fuel enters the fuel lines. This eliminates the effects of fuel contamination and reduces fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions by five per cent.

The company said: “And our close proximity to communities and customers means we can collect, handle, and store vehicles quickly, efficiently, and with minimal environmental impact. 

“Our customers can be assured that as our fleet keeps growing in line with demand, we’ll continue working closely with our partnership network across fleet, transport, and infrastructure, to identify even more ways that we can play our part in creating a sustainable future.”