Charity on song with #Revup4Ben campaign

Automotive industry charity Ben is inviting the automotive community to ‘Rev up 4 Ben’ and create an ultimate driving playlist, with songs handpicked by industry people, influencers and enthusiasts.

The purpose of the campaign is to curate an epic Spotify playlist of driving songs for summer while encouraging engagement for the charity on social media using #RevUp4Ben, as well as increasing sign ups to its email list.

This will help get as many people in the industry as possible to know that Ben is there to support them.

Colleagues can find out more about #RevUp4Ben on the website and sign up to receive the playlist when it is available.

Ellen Plumer, head of marketing, outreach, communications and awareness, said: “To celebrate a love of music, driving and our industry, we’re creating the ultimate driving playlist, chosen by the automotive community – by the community, for the community. We’re really excited to launch this just in time for summer so those travelling to new holiday destinations can have a great new set of tunes to listen to on their journeys.

“The purpose of the campaign is also to boost awareness and increase Ben’s reach so that everyone in our industry knows about the services we provide. We need your help to spread the word about Ben and our services so no-one in our industry has to struggle alone. Help us do this by getting ready to #RevUp4Ben.”