BMW tops fastest-selling brands

BMW has been named as the best-selling brand in the UK.

According to Auto Trader, BMWs are the most sought-after manufacturer across the UK, especially the BMW 3 series, ahead of the Volkswagen Golf and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

The results are based on hundreds of thousands of vehicle sale listings, as well as the average time listings, to reveal which cars are garnering the most interest on the marketplace as well as which cars are actually selling the fastest.

The BMW X1 sold within 11 days on average, followed by the Lexus NX 350h (13 days), and the Kia Ceed (13 days).

Erin Baker, editorial director at Auto Trader, said: “We have so much insight into automotive sales trends within the UK, with thousands of listings being uploaded and updated, and successful sales being made every day. We wanted to share the data we have to show the UK’s favourite, and most-competitive cars to sell – and there is a great mix of luxury and economical models that the UK wants to buy the most, from iconic stalwarts like the VW Golf and Mercedes-Benz C-Class, through to quick selling hybrids such as the Lexus 350h and the impressively practical Kia Ceed.”

“Our study shows that endurability and reliance prove very popular in the UK second-hand motor marketplace, with the country’s infatuation with BMW remaining as strong as ever; the sporty yet classy and powerful brand takes the trophy as the car the UK wants to buy the most.”