Bentley reaches South Pole sustainability standards

Bentley has been awarded ‘Net Zero Plastic to Nature’ status for a second consecutive year.

The internationally-recognised accreditation, from the climate company, South Pole, followed a rigorous waste stewardship appraisal of the company’s headquarters and operations.

To secure Net Zero Plastic to Nature status in 2022, Bentley significantly increased the level of waste management and traceability for its plastic waste; last year 97% of plastic waste was processed and lowered the amount of non-processed plastic waste.

Andreas Lehe, board member for manufacturing, said: “Bentley’s aim is to be the world’s most sustainable, luxury automotive brand. Our Beyond100 strategy is reinventing every aspect of the business and the Net Zero Plastic to Nature award is further proof of our efforts to address our environmental impact.”

Sebastian Benndorf, director of production planning, added: “South Pole has again supported Bentley with our global understanding of the company’s plastics footprint. The new waste stewardship appraisal has given Bentley a further insight into our global operations and the impact it has on the environment. We continue to make every effort to ensure we achieve the aims of Beyond100 and tackle plastic waste issues head-on.”