Bentley launches new investment programme

Bentley has introduced a new community investment programme as part of the company’s Beyond100 strategy called Advancing Life Chances (ALC).

This new strategy, developed in partnership with the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), allows the company to expand its community investment footprint to a national level. As part of this, Bentley launched the Small Grants Programme in November 2022 and, to date, has donated over 150 small grants nationally and seeks to donate over 250 by the end of the year. In addition, two further new schemes dedicated to Bentley’s home in Crewe have been announced.

Bentley has a long history of supporting its local community and will be expanding its regional community investment portfolio further in 2023 with the launch of two bespoke programmes, the Bentley Crisis Fund and the Bentley Advancing Life Chances Crewe Fund – whilst continuing to work with CCF (Cheshire Community Foundation) to play a key part in the CCF Crewe Fund. These are being launched along with new Payroll Giving & Match Funding programmes for Bentley colleagues.

Sally Hepton, director of government relations and sustainable luxury at Bentley Motors, said: “Bentley has a clear social mission – to Advance Life Chances. The company has been supporting this locally for a long time, notably through the longstanding Bentley funds with our partners at Cheshire Community Foundation and extensive focus on supporting young people through school outreach.

“However, to be Bentley is to be best-in-class, and this means we can always grow and improve. This is why we have created and launched the new Advancing Life Chances strategy to reach more people in Crewe and beyond.

“This new strategy and national fund are the first crucial steps on a journey towards this ambition, and I am very excited to see how many people we can support as we aim to become leaders in sustainable luxury mobility.”