Ben unveils new five-year plan

Automotive charity Ben has unveiled a new five-year strategic plan to provide even greater support for the industry.

Ben has experienced a significant increase in service demand since 2018, managing over 300% more enquiries through its confidential helpline and supporting over 200% more individuals through its support and specialist services.

In response, its Board of Trustees and Executive team have spent the past 12 months completing a strategic review of every aspect of the support and services Ben currently operates and has made some key decisions about the future strategic direction of the charity.

It said: “Through a recent strategic review process, Ben’s Board of trustees reflected on the changing context for people working in the automotive industry and the impact that it is having, and will have, on their health and wellbeing.

“In light of the growing demand for Ben’s health and wellbeing services, the Board concluded that over the next five–10-year period, the priority of the charity will be to significantly increase these services for industry people and their family dependents.

“This will entail enhancing and accelerating both our reactive and preventative health and wellbeing support services and driving increased impact and engagement across the automotive industry. We will be in a position to share our plans for these developments over the future months.”

The statement continued: “Establishing Ben’s future focus has required a fundamental review of all Ben’s current services. Our care, and latterly village, services have been an integral and valued part of the charity for over 70 years. Both the Board and Executive team are extremely proud of these services and the excellent reputation they have achieved over the years.

“After very careful consideration, the Board, supported by Ben’s Executive team, has unanimously concluded that now is the right time to recommend the transfer of these services to the stewardship of new operators. We believe this will ensure that these services and our employees working in them have the very best opportunity to continue to flourish, develop and thrive going forward.”