Ben marks World Wellbeing Week

Automotive charity Ben is marking World Wellbeing Week by highlighting the importance of health and wellbeing.

It has emphasised the value of looking after mental health and physical health, warning that one can have a direct impact on the other. This, says Ben, is where wellbeing comes in.

Wellbeing is generally how comfortable, healthy or happy we are within our own lives. It is unique to each person and can mean different things to different people. It is critical because it can provide the tools to cope with changes to mental and physical health and, if good, can also help to protect mental and physical health.

Ben helps people learn about, develop and manage each area of their own wellbeing by helping them navigate life and its challenges. It supports people who need help with a wide range of issues, from financial challenges, stress, anxiety and depression.

It offers confidential support and tips on how to cope with personal challenges, and support colleagues who may also be struggling.