Battery innovation critical to EV adoption

Fast charging battery technology is as critical as charging infrastructure in the transition to electric vehicles.

This is according to StoreDot, which reveals that charging anxiety remains a key deterrence for drivers considering making their next purchase an EV.

It believes that with the recent deployment of high-power chargers, the need for XFC battery technology in EVs on the road has increased. These two components – battery technology and high-power charging infrastructure – are now intertwined, forming a synergy that can unlock the mass adoption of EVs.

Dr Doron Myersdorf, StoreDot CEO, said:“Charging anxiety remains a key barrier to mass adoption of EVs. Nevertheless, the ability of the vehicle to charge fast is just as crucial to prospective EV users as the availability of high-power charge points. We welcome anyone investing in and deploying 350kW plus chargers as they enable XFC industrialisation and in turn accelerate the adoption rate of EVs.

“Deployment of infrastructure must be paired with innovation of XFC technology since most EV battery solutions on the market currently cannot accept high power charging rates. With long lead times required to introduce new vehicles, we are urging global automotive manufacturers to adopt XFC battery technology that can safely accept the much-needed high power charging rates, to enable our industry to achieve the ambitious goal of zero-emission transport for a cleaner world.”