Bangers4Ben racing towards £50k

The Bangers4Ben rally has so far raised more than £47,500 for the automotive charity Ben.

The rally took place at the start of the month, following a three-day ‘Viking-themed’ tour through the east of England.

Among those taking part were Messe Frankfurt UK, organisers of UK Garage and Bodyshop Event (UKGBE), with their team, Dublin Driving Dolls. The team of UKGBE’s Alex Jones, LKQ Euro Car Part’s Karena Shahid and established aftermarket business owners Louise Baker and Rachel Murray joined the rest of the participants on the 1,500-mile route in their barbie-themed banger, raising £3,000 for the charity.

Jones said: “We had the best time; we met so many amazing people during the trip, old friends and making new ones, and there was so much natural interest along the route from people – we even got donations handed to us when we stopped.”

Messe Frankfurt also held two big breakfast events for Ben recently at its headquarters in Surrey.

Jones said: “Donations to the Ben charity helps to fund the critical work it does in the automotive industry. We’re delighted to have been able to contribute essential donations to the fantastic amount they raised this year. Thanks to everyone who donated – and to Ben for organising a brilliant event.”