Axalta launches world’s fastest fully automated paint mixing machine

Axalta has launched Axalta Irus Mix, it’s new state-of-the-art digital paint mixing machine which promises to save bodyshops time, reduce their paint consumption and waste, deliver highly accurate colour, and optimise the work of paint technicians.

Troy Weaver, the company’s senior vice-president of global refinish, said: “At Axalta, we always strive to be at the forefront of innovation. We constantly look for ways to help our customers to do business better to enable them to work as efficiently as possible and to maximise profitability.

“When we launched our digital end-to-end colour management process, which we now call Axalta Irus, we knew what the future held for the industry – and that was fully automated colour mixing. Today, we deliver that technology and now customers can automate colour like never before. Axalta Irus Mix completes the simple three-step Axalta Irus digital colour management process of: Scan / Find / Mix,” he said.

Axalta Irus Mix is the result of the company innovating in response to customer needs to work more efficiently, profitably and sustainably. Working in exclusive partnership with leading global equipment manufacturer Santint, Axalta has driven the concept, development, design, and construction of Axalta Irus Mix from the ground up.

Yesterday (11 May), during a grand unveiling ceremony in Amsterdam in front of customers and leading European aftermarket media – including Bodyshop magazine – Axalta vice-president of global sales Jim Muse said: “This is a major leap forward for Axalta, but more importantly this is about the collision repair industry and the future for bodyshops.

“There are other mixing machines out there but nothing like this. The Axalta Irus Mix is the world’s first fully automated digital mixing system, and it uses containers manufactured by us using 50% recycled plastics. It is 15-100% faster than anything else in the market and it is super accurate every time.”

There are four key pillars on which Axalta Irus Mix was developed:

Time advantages

Axalta Irus Mix, with its patented technology, is the fastest fully automated mixing machine on the market. Based on Axalta trials, refinish customers can save more than 60% on labour time compared to manual mixing. During a live demo in Amsterdam yesterday, the system completed a mix of Mercedes 667 Demin Blue – a complicated colour made up of 11 tones – within eight minutes.

Labour optimisation

Axalta Irus Mix is very simple to use and doesn’t have to be operated by a skilled technician. The process frees up refinishers to perform those jobs that earn the bodyshop money while the paint is being mixed.

Consumption benefits

Axalta Irus Mix has been designed to work with Axalta’s proven bottle system, so there is no need to refill or decant product into special bottles. Additionally, the bottles are fitted with precise dosing lids, delivering accurate colour without waste.

Environmental thoughtfulness
Axalta’s bottle system is made from 50% recycled plastic, underscoring the company’s commitment to sustainability. Its premium basecoat qualities – Spies Hecker Permahyd Hi-TEC, Cromax Pro and Standox Standoblue – are available in these bottles exclusively with Axalta Irus Mix.

Axalta Irus Mix will be rolled out across Europe from June 2023 and will be available globally soon thereafter. It is priced at €27,070 (including shipping) and Axalta is ready to take orders from UK bodyshops. To find out more, visit or contact your local Axalta Refinish sales representative.

More details about the system, including initial reaction from UK bodyshop owners who attended the launch, will be in our full report in the printed June issue of Bodyshop magazine.