AutoRaise Rally gets underway

The AutoRaise Rally got underway this morning, with teams from across the industry setting off on a three-day ‘Viking’ tour around East Anglia and Lincolnshire to raise upwards of £150,000 for the charity.

Starting at the Lotus Cars HQ in Norfolk, the route goes north up the coast before looping inland through Cambridgeshire and ending up on the coast again.

Day two will see drivers taking in the scenery of the Lincolnshire Wolds before ending in Lincoln.

Among the more than 30 vehicles taking part is a team from Fix Auto HQ, including operations director Mark Hutchins, business development manager Martin Willis, head of brand and communications Grace Weddell and commercial analyst Rickesh Chohan.

They are also joined by Fix Auto Dagenham directors Paul Cunningham and Neil Parker.

Steve Thompson, AutoRaise vice chair said: “After the most successful AutoRaise Rally to date last year, we have given ourselves a huge challenge to exceed this, in terms of fun, networking and fund raising! Our decision to stay in the UK and take in three counties on our two-day ‘Viking themed’ rally was an easy one for us.”