Automated tech diminishing drivers’ skills

New data has revealed that 66% of drivers have automated technology in their cars, with nearly a third (31%) believing it makes people worse drivers.

The survey, by Quotezone, found that half of drivers say they use the assisted features every time they drive and 25% say they always use it to park.

However, rule 150 of the Highway Code states that drivers are still responsible for their car while using any driver assistance systems, which means they cannot hold the car technology responsible for any accidents.

Driving without due care and attention carries a penalty of either a disqualification, or between three and nine points, and when it comes to insurance premiums drivers are warned to make sure their provider is aware of all automated tech in their car as features like parking sensors can be considered a modification and all modifications need to be declared.

Greg Wilson, CEO of Quotezone, said: “Things like parallel parking, timely braking, cruise control and navigation have all been taken out of the drivers control by automated car systems. This raises a question around whether this is making us worse drivers, considering many of us are no longer practicing driving skills to complete these, sometimes tricky, manoeuvres.

“Within our survey, 12% said with the advanced car technology they found themselves looking away from the road more often.  Drivers must ensure they are following the Highway Code and that none of these assisted features are causing a distraction or lack of concentration. Failure to do so could land them with hefty fines, points on their license or even disqualification.

“When it comes to insurance, any drivers adding car technology systems must let their providers know. This ensures their policy is accurate and up to date – failure to do so could lead to a void policy, leaving drivers unprotected should they need to make a claim.”