Autoglass unveils new solar panelled modulars

Autoglass has opened three solar panelled modulars which will operate entirely off-grid and help to reduce the company’s environmental footprint.

Each modular runs off six batteries which are charged by 20 solar panels, with the ability to generate enough power to run all the equipment needed for the site using only normal levels of daylight typically seen in the UK. The modules also have a heating system that runs off bio-oil, which is clean-burning and renewable. This translates into a substantial reduction in the reliance on conventional energy sources, contributing significantly to the businesses’ carbon footprint reduction goals.

These modular branches are open and operational in Reading, Doncaster, and Worcester. There are plans for further branches like these to open in the coming months.

Tim Camm, technical training manager at Autoglass, said: “We firmly believe in taking proactive measures to protect our planet, and our new off-grid branches showcase our dedication to environmental responsibility. These new branches will be the first of many as we continue taking steps to help tackle the climate change emergency.

“These modular units not only reduce our environmental impact but also provide more space, enhanced lighting and more efficient storage for technicians, allowing us to provide an even better service to our customers.”