Autoglass adopts new BSI standard

Leading glass repair, replacement and recalibration company Autoglass has announced that it is adopting the new BSI standards for windscreen repairs.

It has invested in new resins and new technology to ensure it continues to offer a lifetime guarantee on the quality of a repair as it adopted the new BSI standards.

The new BSI standards have changed the size of chips that can be repaired and adapted the repair zones of a windscreen to provide greater consideration to the use of ADAS technology through a windscreen.

Autoglass worked as part of the BSI review group in the development of the new standards, as well as lobbying for the adaptations as ADAS technology was being increasingly implemented across vehicle production.

Tim Camm, technical training manager, Autoglass, said: “At Autoglass we firmly believe in delivering the best quality service. We have worked with the BSI for a number of years to ensure that the new repair standards are appropriate for the ADAS technology encompassed in the windscreen. Following the agreement of these standards, we have focused on delivering the best quality service by investing in new technologies and training. We are delighted to, now, be in a position to adopt the new standards and continue to offer our industry-leading lifetime quality guarantee.”