Apprenticeship Central unveils ENSURE

Apprentice recruitment and retention specialist Apprenticeship Central has unveiled ENSURE, a new service to support businesses who employ apprentices.

ENSURE is a cost-effective, high value service and available to any employer who recognises the need to protect and support their young apprentices. It provide invaluable support to new starts and their employers to increase the likelihood of them remaining with the business.

Apprenticeship Central has first-hand knowledge of the types of issues young people face in modern society and have a fully qualified team comprising of Morag Linwood and Mandy Gibson to deliver this increasingly important service.

Its team become the employer’s ‘Designated Safeguarding Leads’ and build a trusted relationship with every apprentice in its care. It deploys a range of proactive measures to regularly engage with the apprentices and is first in line if any issues arise that they need support with, both at work and in life.

In addition to becoming the employers Designated Safeguarding Lead, Apprenticeship Central authors all of the employer’s policies and procedures required when employing young people and apprentices.