Alltruck partners with Hultsteins to tackle emissions

Commercial vehicle contract hire specialist Alltruck has joined forces with Hultsteins to deliver what it describes as a groundbreaking move towards sustainable transportation.

After successful trials, it is employing Hultsteins’ carbon refrigeration solution which delivers huge reductions in harmful emissions, fuel costs and noise pollution.

The solution eliminates the need for diesel-powered refrigeration units, helping customers meet environmental targets and the wider logistics sector move towards net zero.

Leon Mair, head of account management and technical sales support, said: “The partnership between Alltruck and Hultsteins holds great promise for the environment. By eliminating the need for diesel-powered refrigeration units, significant reductions in carbon emissions can be achieved. Traditional diesel-powered systems not only contribute to air pollution but also consume valuable fossil fuels. However, Hultsteins’ technology not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions but also offers a tangible solution to the global challenge of reducing our carbon footprint.”

Hultsteins Managing Director for the UK, Graham Usher said: “Hultsteins is a pioneer in the development of refrigeration units that rely solely on the clean power of the transport vehicle. This partnership marks a significant step forward in the journey to reduce emissions within the transport refrigeration industry. By eliminating the need for diesel-powered refrigeration units, Alltruck and Hultsteins are championing a greener and more efficient future for the logistics sector.”