AI to accelerate EV adoption

Automotive engineers using artificial intelligence can reduce battery testing by up to 70%.

This is according to Richard Ahlfeld, CEO and founder of AI software provider Monolith.

He explained how effective use of AI can speed up the development of batteries and support the market’s transition to electric vehicles.

He said: “In the fast-paced EV market, testing batteries has become a significant bottleneck. The escalating demand and intense competitive pressure to enhance the range and charging times compound this challenge exponentially.

“This is where AI comes in. Through the ability to learn from data, test engineers can understand behaviour characteristics that are so complex, that without the right tools it is incredibly difficult to decipher. AI software that learns from real world test data is a reliable and effective means for solving the intractable physics of batteries that current simulation and test planning tools don’t efficiently solve.

“The promise of AI, therefore, is simple: test plan optimisation that offers greater R&D efficiency and faster time-to-market. For the electric car industry, this means speeding the development and integration of batteries, and for customers a faster and safer transition to electric vehicles.”