Volvo joins Accelerating to Zero Coalition

Volvo Cars has joined the Accelerating to Zero Coalition, which will be launched at this year’s UN Climate Change Conference (COP27) in Egypt.

It is also calling on countries to step up their own climate action and meet the threat of global warming.

The Accelerating to Zero Coalition consists of a broad group of stakeholders committed to facilitating and increasing the pace of the transition to zero-emission mobility, with signatories committed to making 100% of global car and van sales free of tailpipe emissions by 2040, and no later than 2035 in Europe, China, Japan and the US.

The Coalition aims to help create the right conditions to boost zero-tailpipe-emission cars and vans, including through the electrification of corporate fleets and the development of a comprehensive charging infrastructure.

Volvo Cars ehief executive Jim Rowan said: “Combustion engines are technology of the past and we must abandon them if we are to meet the greatest threat facing humanity – climate change.”