UK buyers back British brands

A quarter of in-market car buyers say they are more likely to buy from British brands or choose cars manufactured in Britain to support the country’s automotive sector through the difficult trading period.

This is according to the latest in-market research by What Car?.

With global semiconductor shortages halting production lines and the war in Ukraine further affecting components such as wiring looms, What Car?’s latest industry research of 1,141 in-market buyers looked at whether consumers believe it’s important to support domestic manufacturers.

A quarter of buyers (25%) said they are more likely to buy from British brands or cars they know are manufactured in the country, while a quarter of buyers said they were more likely to buy British. The survey also found 61% of all respondents believe it’s important for buyers in general to support British manufacturers and car brands.

Steve Huntingford, editor, What Car?, said: “Though the need to support domestic businesses has dropped from the highs seen during the worst months of Covid, buyers are still aware their purchase can help manufacturers operating in the country. This is particularly important for a sector that employs more than 797,000 people and contributes £11.9bn in added value to the UK economy.”