Sytner Group makes six-figure donation

Sytner Group has donated £100,000 to automotive charity, Ben.

Zara Ross, chief executive officer at Ben, said: “The donation is huge for Ben, particularly at this time. 2020 and 2021 have been a real challenge at Ben because the support needs in our industry have been higher than we can remember, and yet fundraising to enable us to do the work we do has been really hard.”

Like many other charities during the pandemic, fundraising events have either been cancelled or scaled down, resulting in a significant detriment to the resources that are crucial for providing its health and wellbeing services.

Ben has therefore gone out to the industry with its ‘rallying cry’ for help two years in a row, so that it can still provide support to as many people as possible during this tough time.

Ross said: “In the period that has covered the pandemic, we’ve lost over £1.5m worth of budgeted income. So, Sytner’s six-figure contribution really goes a long way. Indeed, we are genuinely really appreciative of all of the industry’s contributions from all sectors.”

Melvin Rogers, director of human resources at Sytner Group, said: “I’ve been with the business for 20 years and in this time our involvement with Ben has climbed and has reached the level this year where we wanted to make such a significant donation of £100,000. I think that is very well received but we know it will be very well spent in supporting colleagues, not just in our businesses but many people across the whole motor industry.”