Stellantis to cut 11 million miles of road travel

Stellantis is launching a new service to consolidate parts supply and reduce carbon emissions at its Ellesmere Port plant.

As part of Stellantis’s Dare Forward 2030 plan, the plant is undergoing a major transformation to manufacture a compact electric van from spring 2023.

A number of parts and components will be supplied from partner companies based in Spain and to ensure consistent supply a new end-to-end logistical service is being put in place which will include a twice-weekly shipping service.

It is estimated that the new 891 nautical-mile maritime route will take an estimated 14,700 lorry journeys off the roads of the UK and continental Europe annually, saving around 11 million miles of road travel.

Paul Willcox, senior vice president, UK country manager, Stellantis, said: “With Ellesmere Port set to soon reopen manufacturing all-electric light commercial vehicles, we are looking at all aspects of our value chain in order to improve sustainability and efficiency, in line with our Dare Forward 2030 Strategic Plan. I’d like to thank our partners at Suardíaz and Peel Ports for their collaboration on this new maritime logistical supply route that will enable us to ensure increased efficiency of service to the plant whilst removing congestion and emissions from Europe’s roads.”