Stellantis adds new PAS2060 certificate to ‘green’ initiatives

The management of the Stellantis Multi Brand Accident Repair Programme (MBARP) has achieved carbon neutral certification in accordance with PAS2060.

This certification joins a growing list of carbon neutral initiatives aimed at reducing emissions across the entire Stellantis group and is in line with the demands of its customers, UK motor insurers and work providers alike.

The Stellantis MBARP achieved PAS 2060 certification in late in 2021, after working with ECA Business Energy to first calculate its carbon footprint and implement new policies to manage and offset carbon emissions. The PAS 2060 certification guidelines also include plans in place to further reduce emissions each year.

Using Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) guidance to calculate and monitor its carbon emissions, the Stellantis MBARP then devised a plan in accordance with PAS2060 guidelines to offset emissions. In total 42 tonnes of CO2 have been offset by the programme.

Steve Silverwood, managing director of ECA Business Energy, said: “This process has seen [Stellantis MBARP] calculate their carbon footprint across all three scopes, devise and implement a carbon management plan and offset their emissions via internationally accredited offset projects.

“By formalising their commitment to the environment, they will actively be reducing their emissions year on year in line with agreed targets.”

Stellantis is committed to contributing to a decarbonised economy and is actively pursuing carbon neutral processes across the brand. Already 75% of its factories in Brazil are certified as carbon neutral thanks to extensive use of renewable energies and use of carbon offset policies. Likewise, its Parts Distribution Centre and Logistics Centre in Rivalta, Italy, is also targeting carbon neutral status in the near future following an extensive programme to offset 2,600 tonnes of CO2 through improved land use.

Chris Downing, head of sales and operations for Distrigo Parts Distribution and Accident Repair, Stellantis, said: “Stellantis has committed to contributing to a decarbonised economy. Already many of our global initiatives are pursuing a Carbon Neutral status through ambitious targets and planning.”